ABOUT Forever Silver

Eternal silver jewellery is a contemporary collection of design led jewellery, manufactured wholly in the amazing patented silver, Argentium Silverâ„¢. Our designers are creating lines which we believe will become timeless classics and which are already appealing to a global customer base.

Manufacturing exclusively in this wonderful luxury silver ensures that all our products are Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial, low maintenance due to the highly tarnish resistant nature of Argentium, and also produced using silver which has been recycled, making it less damaging to the natural environment than much of the other 925 silver available globally.

The name Eternal silver is intended to evoke a sense of longevity that we believe not just the designs themselves possess but also that the material itself will have a lifelong appeal.

Our product are designed for the discerning wearer and are finished to the highest standards with tactile hand polished surfaced, hand set stones and clasps that are designed to stand the test of time. Argentium silver is purer that traditional 925 sterling and carries not just a superior grade of hallmark at 958 Britannia, but is further endorsed by the use of the unique Argentium Logo – the flying unicorn.

Unlike many brands who do not hallmark lighter products, Eternal Silver is passionate about maintaining the highest standards and all our products carry our hallmark, no matter what weight the item is, giving our customers a reassurance of quality no matter what they purchase.

Creation Process